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Denbite Universal Digital Xray Sensor holder: Bitewing Refill Kit 10 units.

Small Sensor



Sensor Size: 1


Bitewing X-rays taken with the "Denbite Bitewing Sensor Holder" produce radiographs in which the premolar region is clearly visible. Improved occlusion means that the image covers large area. As a result of the good positioning of the Bitewing sensor holder, the interdental spaces are sharply focused. 

Easy to position, much more comfortable for the patient than some of the older systems. The Denbite positioning system will revolutionise your digital sensor positioning.

"Resposable" The manufacturers portmanteau meaning "reusable" at a "disposable" price.

Designed to be autoclaved in excess of 100 cycles.

Compatible with.

  • Trophy RVG 5000 and 6000
  • Kodak: RVG 5000 and 6000
  • Kodak: RVG 5000 and 6000
  • Carestream RVG 5100 and 6100
  • Carestream RVG 5200 and 6200
  • Durr: VistaRay
  • Gendex
  • Schick

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